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Clean up with Mark Andy Print Products chemistry and cleaning supplies. Offering a wide range of products for all aspects of the pressroom, provides you with the tools to assist with your routine maintenance schedules keeping your pressroom efficient and profitable.

> Aerosols

Silicone spray

Sprayway aerosols

DETAC aerosols

Mosstype platekote


> Brushes

We recommend using horsehair brushes for cleaning flexographic plates, stainless steel brushes for cleaning ceramic anilox rollers and brass brushes for cleaning chrome anilox rolls. We offer a variety of different brushes to meet your cleaning needs.


> Chemistry

Mark Andy Print Products chemistryNow offering flexo chemistries for keeping your press equipment in optimum running condition. A critical part to an efficient and profitable pressroom is having top-notch running machines! Mark Andy Anilox Roller Cleaning Gel and Mark Andy Flexo Wash solutions are premium products available for your press maintenance and cleaning.


> Wipes and cloths

Mark Andy Print Products offers a variety of lint-free wipes and cloths providing you a time saving solution to the constant struggle of maintaining a low lint environment. Our product offerings are sensitive to materials that will not damage photopolymer or rubber flexographic plates allowing for pressroom cleanup and plate maintenance at any given point during a job.

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