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Tint sleeves (or flood coat rollers) slip over tint cylinders to fully cover the web with a continuous uniform solid color, UV varnish, adhesive or primer. Committed to pressroom efficiency, Mark Andy Print Products offers OEM tint sleeves in an array of rubber compounds and gear sizes, including premium tint sleeves for critical applications with water-based and solvent inks and UV coatings. In addition, we offer complete tint sleeve systems that include mandrels, tint sleeve cutting kits, and lock collars to prevent shifting.

Tint sleeves are efficient and directly impact your workflow. By using tint sleeves, you can

  • Save on product times
  • Eliminate the ‘bounce’ associated with solid printing plates
  • Reduce printing plate costs
  • Decrease any “orange peel” effects


Our team is dedicated to assisting you with the right choice for your specific applications.

> NEW! Ever Coat Tint Sleeves: medium durometer green synthetic with double the durability of other rolls. Suited for digital and flexo applications.

> Smooth Print tint sleeves: low durometer synthetic to eliminate orange peel effects

> Easy Coat tint sleeves: medium durometer roller for UV

> Standard Coat tint sleeves: high durometer all-purpose roller

> Tint sleeve cutting kits

> Tint sleeve mandrels


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