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Targeting new markets?
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Rest assured - our Retrofits & Upgrades team is available to analyze your existing equipment and provide sustainable solutions designed to respond to your business needs.

Our trained specialists have an expertise you will find with no other OEM service group. We know the equipment inside and out. We work closely with our engineers and assemblers and understand the need to integrate advanced technologies to support new objectives. We are the most well-equipped source to provide you with the solutions, guidance and components needed to ensure your existing equipment is what you need it to be.

We offer a variety of enhancements to propel your business forward:                        


Cold Foil

Cold Foil



Rotary Screen

Rotary Screen

Mark Andy and Comco Printing Solutions

Additional Print Stations – Expand your applications capacity by adding print stations to your existing press. Add a spot color, varnish, foil, lamination, screen….the possibilities are endless!

Advanced Lamination – Booklet labels, extended content labels and promotional messaging capability will be at your fingertips when you integrate this delam/relam unit which allows you to print on the adhesive side of a web. Specially engineered to eliminate a ‘baggy’ web, this unit maintains excellent tension and control when delaminating and relaminating.

Advanced Waste Wind Up – Gain a significant increase in productivity and uptime with this servo controlled waste stripping technology. This updated waste wind up requires no change to the existing web path of your Performance Series P5 or P7 and works with both Quick Change Die Cut (QCDC) and vertical die slot technologies.

Automatic Mark-to-Mark Register Control System – Achieve tighter register accuracy with an advanced camera-based, mark-to-mark registration controller system. The compact "Smart Camera" design allows the register control cameras to be mounted in between print stations for faster corrections, reducing startup waste by up to 50-75%. Now available as a retrofit to Mark Andy 2200 and 4150 press models.

Cold Foil – Foil decoration enhances the attractiveness of labels, and doesn’t require a significant investment. Minimize tooling costs and operational complexity with this hot foil alternative. This retrofit module can be fit to a standard print station and offers advanced decorating options at a reasonable cost.

Digital +3600 Enhancement- A part of Mark Andy's Digital Plus program, the Digital +3600 retrofit allows converters to enhance flexibility and application range with the benefits of digital, without investing in a new press. The Digital +3600 is a 4-color water-based inkjet platform is designed to retrofit 2200 and 4150 legacy presses.

Dryer Upgrades – Increase press output and heat capabilities with this versatile dryer upgrade. The DS1000 Dryer can work in conjunction with other existing dryers or simply can replace inefficient equipment.

Infeed Tension Kit – Tension and web management is critical to high quality output. Mark Andy has simplified legacy units with an infeed tension kit that is virtually maintenance free.

Product Insertion – Increase capabilities and profitability with this simple product insertion retrofit that allows new market opportunities for increased information disclosures, expanded content labels and booklets.

Rotary Screen – Use floodcoats to make colors pop. Retrofitting your machine with rotary screen increases printing applications and offers flexibility to meet your needs.

Smart Blade Assembly – Designed to achieve higher print quality at faster speeds with UV inks. Eliminate ink spitting on your Performance Series with this doctor blade holder.

Web Turn Bar – Take on 2-sided printing opportunities with this simple retrofit. Mark Andy has engineered our micro-porous air bars to provide consistent and even web flotation across the entire air bar length.

...and many more. Just ask!


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