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Mark Andy University Training Class

Training at Mark Andy University is an ideal approach to optimize the productivity in your flexographic pressroom. All operators can benefit from Mark Andy University’s various OEM-based training courses, regardless of experience. Everyone has something to learn. Additionally, MAU training is not exclusive to Mark Andy equipment but addresses the specific techniques of flexo narrow-web production.

It’s not uncommon for press operators to pick up inefficient habits or short cuts that adversely impact your bottom line. Mark Andy University is structured to provide hands-on, comprehensive educational classes to help converters prepare for the inevitable everyday printing challenges.

With Print Training, printers are able to refresh themselves on the basics of flexo printing as well as engage in operational functions with hands-on interaction of plate mounting, press set-up, registration, tension zones and more. Maintenance Training digs deeper into the specifics of understanding the full functionality of a press from disassembly to reassembly. In addition, our LEAN Optimization program brings a trained expert to your facility to analyze the efficiency of your operation. Examining some key elements of your operation including workflow, organization and material movement can deliver more than a 35% reduction in production times.

MAU helps converters unleash their potential to increase productivity and profitability. Classes are available either at Mark Andy University (Mark Andy headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA) or on-site at your facility, and are led by experienced trainers with first-hand knowledge of flexo printing processes and efficiencies.

Training programs include:

Mark Andy Print Training Mark Andy Maintenance Training LEAN Optimization