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There are times when a capital purchase of new equipment may not fall in line with the investment position of a converter.  The Mark Andy Trade-Ins and Rebuilds team can help, providing services including: 

Rebuilding Buy, Sell, Refurbish
  • Turn Bars
  • Conveyors
  • Gear Boxes
  • Plate Roll Pins
  • Hot Air Dryers
  • Laminators
  • Waste Wind Ups
  • UVT Lamps
  • Refurbish presses
  • Buy used presses
  • Sell refurbished presses
  • Take presses on trade in

Below you will find a listing of equipment available for immediate sale. Click on the item for additional information and images, if available.

Do you have equipment you'd like to trade in or sell? Can't find what you're looking for? Call or email us today! +1 636 234 4564

Available Presses and Rewinders

New Mark Andy 830-10" 3 color     Ref No. P100-30

New Mark Andy 2200-13" 8 color
Ref No. P100-32

New Mark Andy 2200-10" 6 color
Ref No. P100-34


Used Mark Andy 2200-7" 4 color
Ref No. P100-47

  Used Mark Andy 4140-10" 7 Color
Ref No. P100-81

Used Mark Andy 830-7"
Ref No. P100-78 

Used Mark Andy 830-7" 3 color
Ref No. P100-79

  Used Mark Andy 830-7" 3 Color
Ref No. P100-80

  Xeikon 3500 20" Digital Press
Ref No. P100-82


Available Accessories

Anilox Roll Storage System
Ref No. A100-29

2200 7" Conveyor
Ref No. A100-75