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  1. Most material ran in our presses have a temperature range they can run in. If this temperature is exceeded then there may be registration issues as a result. As the material exits the hot air drying tunnel or the UV lamp housing, using an infrared thermometer, measure the material temperature. If the temperature exceeds 100 degrees F. or 38 degrees C. you may need to consider lowering the drying temperature.
  2. If the UV lamps are the main source for drying on a press check to make sure the life of the UV lamp has not been exceeded. If their life has been exceeded they will not go out....instead they will produce more IR then UV which will over heat the material and not totally cure the ink. If the UV system is set to ramp in intensity with the speeds of the press, in most instances, 100% power should not be attained until the press is at 60% speed. If the ink is not thoroughly curing the normal tendency would be to increase the power, however if the maximum temp range of the material is exceeded there will be registration issues. 
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