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  1. Visually inspect the line shaft segments and couplings for obvious issues.
  2. Verify that the couplings are aligned properly. Each coupling should slide easily and completely onto the line shaft, if this is not the case loosen the coupling bolts and slide the complete coupling onto the line shaft and then retighten the coupling bolts.
  3. Once the coupling is aligned and tight slide the coupling into place, make sure the keys are in place and tighten the hub on the line shaft only. Do the same at the other end of the line shaft segment. At this point the line shaft should slide easily on the gear box input shafts, once this task is satisfied then center the line shaft segment and tighten the set screws. Complete these steps for all line shaft segments.
  4. If adjustments are made to the press level then the line shaft couplings should be rechecked.
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