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Performance Series

Wide repeat and substrate range

Performance Series presses are unique in their ability to accommodate a repeat as minimal as 5.5 in (140 mm), providing converters significant savings on plate costs.
Exclusive Load & Lock inking system 
Three simple steps fully set-up a single print station

1. Install ink pan, add ink

2. Drop in anilox roll & doctor blade

3. Swing into position, lock to fully engage all components

The load-and-lock inking system eliminates several steps from traditional in-line workflow. Each print station features a self-positioning doctor blade and robust, snap-in components saving quantifiable time during set-up and changeover. The system reduces ink requirements, saving on ink usage and inventory costs, as well as reduced disposal. The system provides consistent ink density with no adjustments required.


Drop & Lock Print Cylinder

This completely new design for loading plate rolls is extremely fast and efficient. Set-up and changeovers are sped up dramatically -- over 50% faster than traditional in-line flexo presses. With a special pneumatic locking system, the plate roll is locked into place by reference discs on the tooling with the touch of a button.
High-efficiency dryer system
The Performance Series high-efficiency dryer system is ideal for increased production speeds and drying of heavy coat weights. The hot air drying is accomplished with impinged air at 90 degrees on the substrate material working with air jets with speeds equal or superior to 10,000 ft/min.