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Mark Andy QCDC™ (Quick Change Die Cut™)

The Mark Andy QCDCTM technology is a completely new die cut station design that removes the bottleneck of long die cut changeovers and slower matrix stripping speeds. The unique cassette and cart combination allow the operator to load the die off-line, then conveniently load it into the die station without the use of a hoist.

QCDC, available in both full-rotary and semi-rotary adaptations (QCDC-SR) is focused on ergonomics, productivity and profitability. Implementation of QCDC into a Performance Series press will result in

  • Faster die changes – as fast as 30 seconds!
  • Ergonomic benefits for the operator – no hoists or heavy lifting
  • Longer die life - limited die damage due to cumbersome loading and unloading process
  • Realization of high-speed matrix stripping – actually matches maximum Performance Series press speeds
  • More accurate, more consistent die cutting

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Available Press Models
Performance Series P5, P7
Digital Series
Available Widths
10, 13, 17 in (250, 330, 430 mm)
Drive System
Auto Registration
Die Repeat Range 10 - 26 in (250 - 660 mm)
Male/Female Die Repeat       15.375 - 22 in (390 - 560 mm)
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