Affordable Alternatives to Buying New

Mark Andy offers a variety of used flexo presses as well as other supplemental pressroom equipment. Whether you’re looking for a certified pre-owned, rebuilt or as-is model, we can help you find the machine for your label needs while offering guaranteed performance.

Benefits of Mark Andy Pre-Owned Equipment

A wide range of used equipment available for purchase. This list can change at any time, so if you have your eye on a specific machine, we encourage you to reach out to a local representative at your earliest convenience.

Tested inside and out, serviced using OEM parts and inspected to ensure our customers receive the highest quality equipment, each rebuilt machine receives a “good-as-new” stamp of performance and functionality approval by certified Mark Andy technicians, backed by our warranty.

Mark Andy values customer satisfaction. New or pre-owned, we provide ongoing service and support to ensure your satisfaction guaranteed.

Available Pre-Owned Equipment

Mark Andy 2200 7 6 Color
Mark Andy 2200 7" 6 Color Reference: 976645-0280
Mark Andy 2200 10" 8 Color Reference: 976645-0279
Pre-Owned Comco Proglide 22, 10 color
Comco Proglide 22" 10 Color Reference: 976645-0254
Pre-Owned Mark Andy XP5000-13, 8 Color
Mark Andy XP5000-13" 8 Color Reference: 976645-0247
Comco Commander 18", 7 Color Reference: 976645-0328
Mark Andy P4 10" 10 Color Reference: 976645-0321
Mark Andy 2200 10" 8 Color Reference: 976645-0334
preowned flexo press mark andy 2200
Mark Andy 2200 17” 6 color Reference: 976645-0347