Uncork Decorative Potential

The wine and spirits industry has witnessed consistent growth since the 1990s. It's no surprise that the importance of the label on the bottle continues to grow as well.

About the Market

With market focus switching to a more “craft” demographic, label and packaging appearance has begun to shift away from traditional aesthetics. Brands are enhancing their packaging with designs that don’t look like conventional wine and spirit labels.

Pressure sensitive (PS) labels are making their mark in the wine label industry. PS labels are self-adhesive and compatible with almost any container material, shape and product type, allowing for simple label application.  

In a similar fashion, as spirits continue to see year-over-year market share growth, it’s imperative for brands to gain visibility in a crowded shelf space to set themselves apart from the competition. Drawing consumers to products with labels that have vivid color and intricate design elements is a must.

Consumers are the driving force behind converters implementing the necessary technology to stay relevant in a crowded marketplace. When it comes to the wine and spirits industry, we regularly have requests for machines with the capability to run multiple specialty applications. Having the ability  to fulfill brand needs in one pass is a game-changer for profitability margins. Converters are turning to technology that provides high-diversification, whether that includes digital white to intricate cold-foil designs to shrink sleeves and more.