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We’re welcoming over 100 leading print suppliers from around the United States and Europe, customers, and competitors to the La Crosse area for our Partners in Printing 2021 Expo! This show presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the print industry by sharing developments and innovative solutions throughout five major print disciplines.

This three-day event has a vendor fair, concerts, networking, plant tours, professional training, charity golf, and so much more. We take great pride in our goal to measurably impact the print industry for the future, fueled by our partnership with PRINTING United Alliance.

The Intercontinental Flexography Conference is the largest and most important meeting of flexography and digital conversion professionals in Latin America. 
The official ABFLEXO/FTA-Brasil event reaches its 7th edition with news: the CIF will be in digital format and will last for two days: October 6th and 7th. 
There are 14 lectures with experts who will share their market views through a virtual and interactive platform, seeking to reach the greatest number of 
professionals and offering direct contact between all participants, especially between congressmen and sponsors.
Participate in CIF 2021 and prepare for the present and future of flexography!

AWA Decorative Technologies Seminar – short, DecTec, is a label and product decoration and packaging technology seminar. An exclusive event for supporters of the seminar and their customers and clients. AWA DecTec™ India 2021 is a seminar by invitation only, for customers of Mark Andy, Paragon Inks and Rotometrics.

This seminar creates a regional platform for national and international organizations to inform, educate and network, and is part of a series of bespoke industry seminars organized by AWA Conferences & Events.

The seminar will provide a comprehensive review of product decoration and packaging in its broader context. This broader vision on product decoration and packaging provides a sound, informed basis for companies across the value chain to re-evaluate their strategies, market position, competitive environment, business platform, and available choices to ensure a successful future.
The event will feature presentations by key industry players and suppliers, presenting available product decoration technologies, discussing today’s industry issues, and giving up-to-date information on the market and its evolving platforms of opportunity. In addition to the formal seminar program and presentations, there will be opportunities for networking and discussions.

Whether you’re choosing machinery or materials, it is vital you feel confident about your decisions. The best way to do this is to see all the options together in one place.

Come to Labelexpo Europe 2022 and hear the noise of the machinery in operation, feel the texture of the substrates and see the print quality for yourself.

Magazines, websites and brochures cannot compare. Experience it live and make a better choice.

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