March 13, 2017 | Mark Andy Inc.

3 Label Converters Share How They Leverage Digital Hybrid Technology

Three label converters joined Label & Narrow Web for a webinar to discuss their journey into digital hybrid printing. Adcraft Labels, Blair Labeling, and Diversified Labeling Solutions (DLS) took time to talk through their digital journey, and explain why they chose a particular digital hybrid solution.

In the webinar, titled “Cracking the Digital Code: 3 Converters Share How They Leverage Hybrid Technology,” it was shared the North American digital label market is currently valued at $1.17 billion according to LPC, Inc.

Digital hybrid printing presses are transforming the label market. Traditional digital printing is being combined with flexo inline decorating and converting, creating a complete and optimized hybrid workflow. According to the three converters, the digital hybrid solutions from Mark Andy are driving productivity, flexibility and capability.

Adcraft Labels, based in Orange County, CA, entered the digital market in 2016 with a Mark Andy Digital Series press. Differentiation was a key driver for Keith Mottram, President and CEO of Adcraft Labels, as they looked to be more than the ‘me too digital’ house.

Blair Labeling, a Denver, CO-based converter, made its journey into digital with the Mark Andy Digital One. According to Marco De La Vega, Accounting and Finance Manager, Blair Labeling, they were seeking growth opportunities, to explore new markets while increasing output.



Diversified Labeling Solutions (DLS), headquarters in Itasca, IL, most recently expanded their digital capabilities with the Mark Andy Digital +3600Bob Hakman, president and owner of DLS, said shared the company started exploring a retrofit solution to take advantage of hybrid flexibility, giving them a competitive edge for managing low volume, high mix runs.


The three converters agreed that while flexo is the driving print technology on the market today, the industry will continue to shift. “I honestly believe hybrid printing is going to be the future of this industry,” shared De La Vega.

Digital hybrid leverages the advantages of digital with the proven capabilities of flexo – all in a single pass.