May 7, 2018 | Mark Andy Inc.

4 Reasons You Win With True Hybrid

Many converters are making the shift to true hybrid due to the clear advantages of the process.Known as one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry, True Hybrid is here to stay.

Hybrid is known to be a combination print process integrating elements of digital printing and flexography into a single pass. That said, not all hybrids are created equal. Hybrid equipment can be classified 3 ways- as semi, modular or true, with true hybrid solutions providing maximum return on investment.

Below we outline 4 advantages to True Hybrid and why it makes sense to integrate in the pressroom.


Reason #1: True Hybrids are Single Pass Profit Centers

Inline converting is the standout differentiator when comparing true hybrid solutions to other digital devices on the market. Blank rolls of material put on the press are transformed into expertly crafted labels and packaging ready to be sent to customers. This is all done in a single pass of production, utilizing a single piece of equipment. Pretty impressive, right? Substantial time and waste savings are achieved with this type of workflow. Mark Andy hybrid users report 50 percent less time needed for production and a 20 percent increase in waste savings.

Productivity gains of True Hybrid presses are also undeniable. Lead time and press backlog has proven to be truncated with Mark Andy’s production-level digital. You can get from order to finished roll in under 4 hours and a standard 5 day lead time turns into 2-3 days for customers. Regardless of application complexity, the speed of this press (at all colors- even white) keeps your business moving.

Reason #2: Digital Hybrid Makes Labels “Pop”

True hybrid also reigns king when evaluating the ability to differentiate through decoration. This is especially important in craft industries, where highly embellished output is the standard. True hybrid presses enable the same degree of customization flexo provides- all inline.

A printer can utilize cold foil, varnishes, laminates, digital special effects and intricate die cuts in a single pass. With semi-hybrid solutions, this is only achievable with ancillary equipment or secondary decoration processes, leading to more downtime and additional waste.

Reason #3: One Company Stands By Your Side

Another clear advantage of true hybrid solutions is the single source nature of the product. Adopters of true hybrid are clear who to reach out to with any questions, as opposed to with semi- or modular hybrid solutions. If there are questions about new application development or substrate compatibility, the OEM is always available and knowledgeable. One company stands behind your business, your equipment and your success.

Reason #4: It’s Today’s Press on Tomorrow’s Platform

Upgradability of true hybrid is unlike any other similar presses available for purchase. With other digital devices, what you buy is what you get. Strictly digital presses are designed with finality. Semi-hybrid device owners are at the mercy of multi-company partnerships. Business can be tumultuous with potential mergers, acquisitions, and changes in leadership that potentially impact the support behind your equipment.

Years down the road, you are bound to win a job, new customers, or experience the market shift. That said, you want a printing press that is ready to change when you are. Additionally, you want a partner who anticipates these changes and built a press with the future of your business in mind. With true hybrid, no matter the entry point, you have a growth path and trade-in opportunity to advance your digital business.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day going digital, adding new flexo, or adopting a true hybrid solution is all about finding the right partner to enable your success. Hybrid is a step in the right direction, but true hybrid is the clear winner.

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