March 14, 2023 | Mark Andy Inc.

Benefits of Using Mark Andy sMArt link for Your Print and Packaging Operations

Print and packaging operations can be challenging and complex. From managing production teams to forecasting business needs in the future, the task is not for the faint of heart – or the uninformed. With the introduction of Mark Andy’s new sMArt link technology, businesses can now work more efficiently and accurately by being provided with real-time accurate data. 

sMArt link is a cloud-based, on-press monitoring system that allows all operations, from the floor to the corporate office to input or analyze data in the same system from any computer, tablet or mobile device. It is designed to run not only on new and legacy Mark Andy presses but also presses from other manufacturers, which allows sMArt link to work seamlessly within any operation. 

Designed with the user in mind, this platform provides a total business solution all the way from operators on the floor who can streamline operational feedback to multi-location executives who want to identify ways to maximize efficiency with confidence in their data set. It supports solutions for press optimization, efficient operation, and business forecasting, all of which are crucial to the success of any print and packaging operation. 

Built From the Ground Up 

We designed sMArt link to work with production teams of all sizes. With sMArt link, converters can now instantly share data that empowers them to avoid operational bottlenecks. Management will be able use their devices to get into more analytics and see dashboards, get reports on trends, job types that are taking longer than others, analyzing by job, by press type, by operator or shift. 

The overall goals are to reduce waste, improve time management, and constantly increase throughput of the building. sMArt link provides the data that helps teams understand where they stand against their benchmarks and goals. This allows managers to easily answer questions such as, “am I getting enough jobs through? What is holding my team up?” and make progress on overall job performance and throughput. 

Larger converters with high end customers, lots of presses, and multi-plant businesses can now have a better understanding of how their companies are running financially by leveraging sMArt link’s easy reporting features. sMArt Link allows them to avoid bottlenecks and improve throughput, augment and replicate areas of success, all of which are crucial to run a successful operation. 

Administration is another area where sMArt link can provide significant benefits. Buyers who run multi-plant businesses that are “to the numbers” can now have a better understanding and how efficiently their production and organization is running. sMArt link allows administrators to better control their business, looking at a macro level, and alleviate reporting tasks for other team members. 

  1. Real-time monitoring: sMArt link provides real-time data on press operations, allowing teams to optimize workflows and make informed decisions.
  2. Press optimization: The software allows for press optimization, improving efficiency and reducing waste.
  3. Business forecasting: sMArt Link provides real time accurate data, allowing teams to plan for future needs and prevent bottlenecks.
  4. Data-driven decisions: The software provides top-level business analytics, allowing for data-driven decisions and better control of the business.
  5. Multi-location support: sMArt link allows for visibility from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, making it easy for multi-location businesses to stay informed and on top of their operations. 

Ultimately, sMArt link is a powerful tool that can provide businesses with the information they need to make data-driven decisions. It allows for press optimization, efficient operation, and the data for business forecasting, all of which are crucial to the success of any print and packaging operation. 

See the potential of sMArt Link for yourself by scheduling a demo with Mark Andy, and experience firsthand how this technology can improve your print and packaging operations. 
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