April 16, 2024 | Trisha Smith

Estudio Color – in partnership with Mark Andy

One of Mexico’s leading narrow web flexo converters speaks openly about how its long-term working partnership with Mark Andy has been central to its business growth and development.

When Eduardo Rello Lara and Eduardo Gayon founded Estudio Color in 2004 and installed their first Mark Andy press they could scarcely have imagined how important a 20-year working partnership with the American press manufacturer would become to both parties in terms of R&D and business growth.  Set up to supply wraparound labels to the Mexican domestic market for soft drinks, the company saw an opportunity to switch production of these products from traditionally CI-flexo to inline flexo on the grounds of faster job changes and reduced waste.

Twenty years later and with five Mark Andy presses on its production floor in Lerma de Villada, CEO Eduardo Gayon explains how the partnership has developed.  “I have a love for technology and looked at all the options available for narrow web inline flexo before deciding that Mark Andy was our best long-term partner.  Our first press was a nine-color Comco ProGlide MSP 22”, and we have since added four more Mark Andy presses, including two 10-color P7s, one with a 17” web width and the other a 22” web width, a 26” 10-color Versa Max, and the latest 10-color, 22” Performance Series P9 that is due to be installed in October ‘23.  With web widths from 17” to 26”, we have all bases covered.”

Setting out with an idea to replace laminating with mono web technology in the wraparound market, the company predominantly uses BOPP for its labels that now include products in the household cleaning and fruit juice sectors and today manufactures 2,500 tons per year, which equates to around six billion labels, some of which are supplied to the company’s growing export markets.  All the company’s presses have additional hot-air drying capacity that allows them to run solvent-based inks on unsupported substrates at speeds up to 1200 ft/min.

“I especially value the interchangeability of the Mark Andy Performance presses, both in terms of tooling and ease of operation.  They are quick to switch over between jobs and their short web path means that waste is kept to a minimum, which is vital when you are running 24/7  – it keeps our staff of 120 very busy!”, he added stating that crew changing and the easy maintenance of standard parts both make for an efficient operation.

The company prides itself on its own R&D and continual development of new products – in fact nothing in its current portfolio is older than four years such is the pace of product development Gayon sees this as a key part of building a strong customer base and maintaining loyalty.  “In today’s constantly changing market we are working very closely with our customers so we can respond quickly to their requirements.  By feeding this information back to Mark Andy, we can assist them with their own technology development – it works both ways,” he said.

With 20 years of continual growth behind the company, Eduardo Gayon is looking ahead with a view to improved productivity and sustainability.  “We were busy even through the pandemic period because we have a flexible approach to our customers and the latest technology to fulfil their orders.  I believe the Mark Andy P9 is the best narrow web flexo press available in the western world and its development has come about through the manufacturer listening to and acting on its users’ feedback and a genuine desire to respond to any special requirements converters have.  It’s what has made them such a great partner over the years.”

Estudio Color is proud not only of the quality of its products but also of its sustainability and social responsibility policies, having obtained international accreditations ISO 9001, FSCC 22000, and ISO 45000, Coca-Cola´s Guiding Principles and grading in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).  It also has Mexico’s recognitions in Socially Responsible Companies (ESR) and Continuity Business Planning.   “We are working on three more that we hope to achieve this year, which are ISO 22301, Ecovadis, and we are seeking to join the prestigious list of ‘Best Mexican Companies’ (MEM),” he concluded.

Speaking for Mark Andy, Sales Manager for LATAM John Vigna commented: “With this degree of commitment and Eduardo Rello Lara’s two sons also working for the company, it’s hard to see anything but continued success for Estudio Color, and we at Mark Andy are very keen to support them with the type of close working partnership that has been mutually rewarding over the past 20 years.”

Learn more about Estudio Color and their partnership with Mark Andy in this video.