November 24, 2021 | Lena Chmielewska

Warsaw-Based Printer FANO Once Again Invests in Flexo Technology from Mark Andy

This September the printing assets of FANO expanded with a new Evolution Series E3. The 13-inch web width flexo press is the latest solution from Mark Andy purchased by the Warsaw-based manufacturer. The press, equipped with 8 printing units, cold foiling, die-cutter, and UV dryer, will be used mainly for printing highly processed self-adhesive labels. The new investment enables the other two Mark Andy Performance Series P5 presses owned by FANO to be more focused on manufacturing sachet laminates and shrink sleeves as both products become an increasingly important part of the printer’s offer.

35 Years of FANO
FANO is a family-owned business established by Janusz Jasinowicz in 1986. Currently, the company is managed by his son Boleslaw. It started from diversified production made in sheet-fed offset technology. “This fact had a direct impact on the name of our company, which consists of the first letters of different products we manufactured in the initial period – says Boleslaw Jasinowisz, Vice President of FANO. – After several years, after buying the first flexo press, we introduced labels to our offer, starting a completely new era for our company. This kind of assortment, with a focus on self-adhesive stock, has dominated our production for many years. We have been constantly expanding and modernizing our equipment set, e.g. with Mark Andy presses, and offering new types of assortment, incl. highly processed, sublime products printed in HD Flexo technology”.

Bolesław Jasinowicz - Fano owner

Bolesław Jasinowicz, the owner of FANO, poses next to the company’s new Mark Andy press.


Mark Andy Once Again

Currently, the FANO’s printing division is based on three Mark Andy presses. In 2013 the company invested in 17-inch Performance Series P5, equipped with 10 printing units, cold foiler, laminating unit, screen printing unit, QCDC die-cutter, and corona station. Five years later Mark Andy delivered to FANO the second P5 press, incl. 8 printing units, die-cutter, and corona unit. Both presses are equipped with chilled cylinders, auto- and preregister UV dryer, and inline inspection systems. “Both purchases were the result of changes in the ratio of products manufactured by our company – Boleslaw Jasinowicz continues. – Diversification of our offer was inevitable due to changes in the self-adhesive label market and decreasing profitability in this area. P5 presses enabled us to produce highly processed self-adhesive stock as well as introduce completely new products to our offer, incl. sachet laminates and shrink sleeves”.

Innovative Press for a Changing Market of Self-Adhesive Labels
Mark Andy Evolution Series E3, implemented this September, handles 13-inch wide web and is equipped with 6 printing units 8 printing units (based on Pro UV technology), foil reversal system, cold foiling station, die-cutter as well as pre- and autoregister. “We wanted the press’ configuration to meet the changing needs and requirements of brand owners and consumers – Boleslaw Jasinowicz says. – In cooperation with our customers we often undertake very difficult projects, being a challenge for less experienced converters. We have been co-operating with middle and big customers who are increasingly looking for highly processed, advanced labels, including different types of finishing and embellishment. Therefore all three presses from Mark Andy, purchased during last 10 years, including Evolution Series E3, are equipped with many options, allowing for making very ambitious, demanding orders we specialize in”.

A New Press, a Bigger Production Capacity
After the successful implementation of a new press, two Performance Series P5 presses were redirected for producing laminates and shrink sleeves. “Now we can manufacture them faster and offer our customers a shorter delivery time – says Boleslaw Jasinowicz. – On the other hand, a new press means a bigger production capacity that has to be filled. Considering it, we have accelerated our sales activities, outside of Poland too. It’s worth mentioning that export equals to more than dozen of our sales turnover and this number is still growing. When looking for and achieving new customers, we mostly act directly. Every year we try to be present at numerous trade fair events, either devoted to packaging or label markets (e.g. we had a booth at this year’s Packaging Innovations exhibition), or the ones devoted to industries of our customers (cosmetic- or spirit-oriented events can be examples). It’s a direction we want to follow in 2022, too. We hope that trade fair industry will be back to normality next year”.

FANO and Mark Andy – More Than 20 Years of Successful Co-operation
“Our brand has been present at FANO for more than two decades – underlines Tom Cavalco, Executive Vice President Mark Andy. – It’s a huge responsibility for us as a manufacturer and a vendor. Especially considering, that each successive press offers a very extensive configuration and numerous additional options. We appreciate a co-operation with FANO and the people who manage the company, as they are very tied to the Mark Andy brand but also very open in direct contact. It’s a very important factor as it allows for fitting our offer to present needs of the printer, also considering a changing market environment”.
“Our long-term co-operation with Mark Andy is well-established and successful, confirmed by purchasing successive presses from this company – says Boleslaw Jasinowicz. – Mark Andy’s equipment offers high quality and performance, we perfectly know how to operate the presses and have big experience with after-sales and service care offered by a local Mark Andy division. We have undertaken all these aspects when considering a new press devoted to self-adhesive stock. Therefore we finally decided on Evolution Series E3. We hope it will be the important factor of our further development”.

New Year, New Headquarters
Boleslaw Jasinowicz adds that in 2022 his company will move to a new headquarters that will be built from the ground. “Our present location became too small for us as we constantly invest in new equipment – he says. – We also want to offer our 50-people staff better work conditions. Therefore a building of the manufacturing site will be constructed according to BREAM certification. It will consider different areas of sustainability policy, being one of our priorities in daily operations. It will include a recovery system of the heat emitted by printing presses, a close water circuit, and photovoltaics. We hope that our new headquarters will represent innovation and ecology aspects that we try to promote in our activities every day”.