October 11, 2017 | Mark Andy Inc.

Imprinting Systems Advances Operation with Digital Label Equipment

North Carolina prime label printer, Imprinting Systems, has seen an increase in productivity after the acquisition of a Mark Andy Digital One. Digital One, a 4-color EP label press, was selected to bring additional capability, specifically in the realm of digital and short run efficiency, to the operation. The press is a comprehensive solution, providing in-line converting and finishing, as well as the ability to add flexo decoration to labels with a single multi-purpose print station.

After experiencing a steady increase in work being outsourced to digital providers, the need to bring digital production in house was apparent to Brad Kessler, key member of the leadership team at Imprinting. The need for Digital had been on the company’s mind for the last few years, but they never encountered the right solution to both meet their needs and eliminate the uncertainty that accompanied an investment in an entirely new printing process. The hybrid nature of Digital One, paired with the affordable consumables price structure, was appealing to Kessler after consulting with Mark Andy.

Kessler reflects on having the realization that from a production perspective, the need for digital was evident. With the growing demand for high quality digital print, and no production capabilities, Imprinting was at a crossroads. “We were faced with a tough choice” shared Kessler, “We either had to add digital capability or transition our business to a brokerage operation.” Knowing producing labels was what they wanted to do and that run lengths were shrinking, they purchased a Mark Andy Digital One.

Since install, Imprinting runs one standard shift a day on the press, filling it with a diverse assortment of prime labels. Primary markets served range from healthcare to animal products to food & beverage. Operators have logged over 250 hours on the machine since May and see no signs of slowing down. Contrary to the days of waiting for outsourced work to arrive, bringing digital in house has allowed Imprinting Systems to “regain control of production, and ensure that our customers receive the highest quality digital labels at a competitive price” according to Kessler.

The company has come a long way since it’s beginnings. Starting as a small backyard platemaking business in 1979, Imprinting Systems has demonstrated continuous growth, now currently running 3 Mark Andy flexo label presses plus the Digital One inline digital printing and converting solution.

Speaking to future plans, Imprinting Systems looks to continue building their book of short run jobs, defined by Kessler as a run with 1 to 2 thousand labels. Additionally, Imprinting looks forward to adding more promotional items to their job mix and tapping into the booming local craft beer scene, where there is great potential for the converter. While its current job mix does not require heavy embellishment, a large part of Imprinting Systems growth plan involves experimenting on ways to use Digital One’s flexo deck to boost decoration at an affordable price point for customers.