September 30, 2020 | Mark Andy Inc.

Mark Andy Partners With GMG to Offer Color Management Solutions to Digital Press Converters Worldwide

Mark Andy’s Digital Press Division is excited to announce that is now providing global distribution for the complete GMG product range of color management and proofing software and media. While the entire GMG portfolio is available to all customers through the Mark Andy Print Products division, our immediate Digital Press Division will be enabled to specifically offer GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler to the installed base of Mark Andy Digital Pro, as well as its legacy press, Digital One. 

Varying printing conditions, different substrates, and increased production standards around the globe pose a challenge to color management and consistency, affecting how brands present themselves and their products to the market. GMG ColorServer automatically converts RGB, CMYK, and mixed data with its superior MX technology into any desired output color space.


GMG ColorServer Interface

An ideal complement to GMG ColorServer, the GMG SmartProfiler helps converters create printer calibrations and color profiles for digital and large format printers, eliminating guessing when it comes to profiling presses for complex print jobs. Thanks to its step-by-step structure, any user can calibrate, recalibrate, and profile digital and large format printing systems without expertise in color management.

GMG color server smart profiler

GMG SmartProfiler Interface

In addition to GMG ColorServer and SmarProfiler, GMG ColorProof and GMG ProofMedia will also be available to those who desire to create proofs for their digital presses.

“The genesis of this global relationship began when we heard that a customer served by our U.K. office was able to match a well-known brand’s spot color using our CMYK toner system and GMG ColorServer. They were able to replicate the color within a 1.6 ∆E, easily meeting the brand’s requirements” says Justin Green, Product Manager, Mark Andy Digital. “We look forward to offering GMG solutions to help our customers grow their businesses and offerings to their customers,” he adds.

“We are thrilled to work with Mark Andy to provide its digital press users better spot color matching,” comments Darrian Young, Global Partnership Manager, GMG Color. “Beyond their strong user base of flexo press customers, they have built a solid foundation of digital press users. We believe we can provide them better consistency on press no matter when a job is printed, and a better match between different devices on the manufacturing floor.”