March 1, 2017 | Mark Andy Inc.

On the Road Again: Digital One Midwest Tour

Mark Andy hit the road again last week for the Midwestern leg of our 2017 Digital One Roadshow Series. Many label and packaging business owners don’t have the luxury of taking time off to visit press manufacturing facilities. In response, we have chosen to tour the globe, providing converters with an opportunity to learn about new technology right in their own backyard.

The past year has been a time of digital growth for Mark Andy, marking the launch of Digital One, an entry-level label printing and converting machine that utilizes CMYK toner technology. The press is a low cost introduction to short run prime label work, and is based on a competitive pay-as-you-go model free of the dreaded click charge.

New Places

The team packed the press up into a truck and traveled for the first time to 3 cities in one week: Omaha, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. Fitted with UV LED curing, Digital One only requires 220 volts of single phase power to print, making it easy to integrate in almost any setting; production floors, offices, and in the case of the roadshows, a hotel conference room.


Following suit with past regional demos, the press was installed and running within a few hours of coming off the truck by our resident Digital One expert and print technician, Tim McKenna. In addition to set-up, McKenna led technology walkthroughs and provided the following commentary:

“This was the most successful series of roadshows to date. We were able to transport, unload, and set up the press 3 times this week without issues, it goes to show how simple the machine is to work with. I’m excited to train some of the attendees who decided to purchase Digital One at the show in the near future.”

Over 120 companies attended the live demonstrations during the three city tour, which reinforced the approachable make-up of the press. Decision makers had the opportunity to get hands-on with Digital One and ask specific technical questions, witnessing the simple print workflow to support faster turnaround work.


New Faces

There were many new (as well as familiar) faces representing Mark Andy at this past week’s events. Due to growing demand for digital technology, the company has expanded sales support in 2017, bringing Ted Bright to the team. Bright serves the midwest alongside our veteran sales representatives and has a background in B2B industrial sales and extensive print knowledge.

A few other well-known industry players have joined the core sales team to broaden our printing technical expertise:

  • Dan Harrell
  • Dominic Fiorentino
  • Eric Vandenberg
  • Joe Ray
  • Justin Green

Also in attendance was Bridgette Bridges, Digital Product Advisor at Mark Andy. Bridgette joined the team in November 2016 and has played an integral role in introducing the entry-level label press and educating the market on the true benefits of digital hybrid technologies.

“As Digital Product Advisor, I get to talk to converters across the country and consult on best ways to grow their business every day. Each conversation is like solving a puzzle; putting together all the pieces until the right hybrid solution presents itself.”

Specialists were on site in Omaha, Minneapolis and Milwaukee to also discuss our digital retrofit program and full-production hybrid platform.

Final Thoughts

The past week served as a platform for many companies to take the first step on their digital journey, confirming their decision to partner with Mark Andy to grow their business through hybrid technology. Our team enjoys these events and looks forward to the opportunity to chat one-on-one with label converters and commercial printers alike.


Digital One is just one element of Mark Andy’s ever expanding hybrid technology portfolio. With the full production capabilities of Digital Series, Digital +3600 offering aqueous digital print to existing flexo assets, and the intuitive Digital One standalone, we compete in every sector of the print market. Mark Andy is proud to offer the broadest range of digital printing presses.