July 14, 2021 | Mark Andy Inc.

NEWS: New Director of Technology Center Operations

Mark Andy has named Shannon Stamberger as Director of Technology Center Operations. Stepping into this role, Stamberger will lead Mark Andy’s demo facility operations, providing world-class customer experience while also enhancing both in-person and virtual demonstrations. Additionally, Stamberger will drive the development of application testing and documentation across all product lines by tapping into her network of vendor contacts and solutions, giving Mark Andy customers an application advantage. 

Impact to the Organization

During her 15 years at Mark Andy, Stamberger has left a lasting impact in various parts of the organization. She has been an integral part across all departments, including the implementation of Mark Andy’s Lean Promotion Office and Quality Inspection Assurance programs, leading the logistics behind the manufacturing launch of Digital One and Digital Series HD, various digital press project management tasks, managing digital service and DFE improvement processes and more. 

Testament to Stamberger’s Capabilities

With extensive experience in the print industry under his belt, Jerry Henson, Sales Manager, Mark Andy said of the Technology Center experience under Stamberger, “In my 26 years involved with customer demos, they have never been better than they are now. Quite a bit goes into the reason for this but Shannon’s management of the process is at the top of the list.”

Technology Center Plans

On the future of Mark Andy’s Technology Center, Stamberger remarks “Our current team has been working so well together, it wasn’t even evident that there was room for improvement until we had the right people in the right positions. The Technology Center’s efficiency has been outstanding. Just this month in June, we’ve completed 21 sample and trial requests. I hope to keep identifying processes for improvement and am most excited to have all product lines represented in Mark Andy demo rooms with the installation of Digital Series HD coming this fall.”

Stamberger also leads Mark Andy’s strategic partnerships with industry co-suppliers, working with vendors to integrate trusted and new products and materials in the production environment. 

Mark Andy Technology Centers & Demo Equipment

Mark Andy’s Technology Center at the US headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri is the home to a Performance Series P7, Digital Pro and Digital Series iQ. At the European headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, the manufacturer also has Evolution Series E3, Digital Series HD and Digital Pro equipment available for demonstration.