September 7, 2022 | Lena Chmielewska

Premiere of a New machine Digital Pro Max

Mark Andy Digital Pro Max


We would like to introduce to you for the first time our revolutionary Digital Pro MAX. We have heard from converters that they wish to have faster through put, lower cost to print, digital white toner and theĀ  flexibility to update their system as their needs change. Well we have listened and we have taken all of those things to the Digital Pro MAX with the latest in the line of Digital Pro hybrid flexo presses.

The Dpro Max is the bringing together of a new high speed engine and a new platform to allow flexibility on configuration and expansion all while delivering a lower cost per MSI on your labels.

Our new platform allows you the flexibility to configure the Digital Pro MAx based on what your current needs are and then expand features as you grow your business. You can start with a roll to roll configuration and then as you grow to needing flexo spot color printing you can add up to 3 flexo stations in any combination before or after the digital engine. If you need inline embellishment you can add cold foil and lamination stations at any time, if you have a customer that need printing on the back of the liner you can add a turn bar at any time, you can also add our state of the art advanced semi rotary vertical die cut. You can truly MAX out the possibilities of what you can add at the time you order or later in the field.

On our current Digital Pro3 we were the first to integrate a white flexo ink station before the digital toner engine. This gave us the ability to print on clear and metallic substrates but it also requires that we produce and mount a flexo plate, which adds time and cost while yielding great results. The new Digital Pro MAX allows us to MAXIMIZE our speed and cost by now having a digital white toner that eliminates the needs for flexo plates and helps reduce costs and time.

The most remarkable thing is that we are able to maximize your profitability with a lower cost to print that is starting to approach ink jet.

The DPro Max we have plenty of representatives that are available to talk with you about your specific needs and how you can make the digital transformation


Mark Andy Digital Pro Max easy to operate