July 17, 2019 | Mark Andy Inc.

Quadra Flex Chooses Mark Andy as Short Run Digital Solution

The loyal Mark Andy customer invested in a Digital One in June 2019.

Quadra Flex Corp, a New York-based converter has installed a Mark Andy Digital One to meet the company’s need for quick service and a profitable solution for medium and short-run prime label production.

Quadra Flex has been in business since 1994, utilizing Mark Andy equipment since the company’s conception. Owner of Quadra Flex Corp and loyal Mark Andy customer, Chris Meddaugh, has been printing on Mark Andy machines for 30 years now. He started his career in printing in 1986, working with Label Art of California where the Masri Family mentored him into the industry.


Over the past few years, Chris noticed an increase in the demand for short-run, quick turnaround label work. This increase in demand started Quadra Flex on the search for a profitable, next-level digital label press. In the research stage, Chris found the support from Mark Andy to be more responsive and intriguing compared to the other manufacturers and models he was researching at the time. This led him to evaluate the Mark Andy Digital One, which he was able to see in-person at Mark Andy’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO.

On his consideration of next-level digital presses, Chris explains, “During my visit to Mark Andy, being able to spend a day working on the Digital One press helped me really understand the ins and outs of the digital hybrid press and solidified the desire to get that machine into my pressroom.”

Quadra Flex had many reasons for ultimately choosing the Digital One, ranging from speed, the wide variety of substrates the press accepts, durability of print, foil applications, the ability to use existing tooling, one pass finishing, and the support and service Mark Andy offers.

Speaking on his decision to add Digital One, Chris states, “Throughout the process, the entire team at Mark Andy has been extremely responsive to all of my questions. From my initial contact to the shipping and boxing personnel and install and training on the new press, they’ve gone above and beyond in every aspect.”

Quadra Flex is optimistic that this new addition will allow them to efficiently print short-run prime labels while continuing to free up capacity on their Mark Andy flexo presses. To learn more about Quadra Flex, visit their website or connect with them on Facebook.