March 23, 2022 | Mark Andy Inc.

Reganta Installs Two Mark Andy Presses in Poland MOVIE

In what is being described as another step in the dynamic development of the Company, Reganta, the Polish label printer based in Lodz, has recently installed two new Mark Andy flexo presses. One is an 11-color 430mm (17”) Performance Series P7, and the other an 8-colour 330mm (13”) Evolution Series E5. The investment will allow expansion in the Company’s export markets and bring a significant increase in employment to the area.

Mark Andy has been a strategic partner of Reganta since the beginning, and the two new presses are the latest in a long line of the American manufacturer’s technology delivered to Lodz. Since 2013 Reganta has invested in a Mark Andy Performance Series P5, followed by Performance Series P3, a Performance Series P7 and a Scout. The company specializes in labels as well as film and laminate-based packaging, all printed flexo.

“Mark Andy has played a significant part in Reganta’s development over the years, and we are very happy to continue this co-operation,” says Igor Szlaski, owner, and CEO of Reganta. “New, highly advanced presses are important part of our investment agenda as they will increase our productivity significantly and improve the quality of our labels. Importantly, they will support our intensive growth and allow us to increase Reganta’s presence in many foreign markets, especially Europe.”

Igor Szlaski, owner, and CEO of Reganta

Both of the new presses were successfully and swiftly installed in January 2022 and started production on schedule, which had an immediate impact on Reganta’s daily operations.

“It is their productivity at high speed that is significant and has directly impacted on our production capacity with faster job handling. As a result, we have shortened delivery times to the customer. The P7 is a top-class press, equipped with many technologically advanced features that enrich the label manufacturing process. It is very user-friendly and ergonomic for daily operation. The E5 is a revolutionary press that also has full servo drive,” he adds.

The P7 has 430mm (17”) web width, and is capable of speeds up to 306m/min. Reganta ordered it in 11-unit configuration, with a separate servo drive for each printing unit and impression cylinder. The press is managed by a dedicated control module with a touch screen., and its configuration allows for a remote Internet-based diagnostics.

The Mark Andy Performance Series P7 has directly impacted Reganta’s production capacity.

The E5 delivered to Reganta, has a 330mm (13”) web width with a maximum speed of 230m/min, and is equipped with 8 print units fitted with ProLED UV technology, turn bars, cold foiling and die-cutting as well as pre- and auto-register. Mark Andy points out the high scalability of its Evolution Series, which allows for expansion with additional printing and finishing units, as the requirement changes. The E5 produces high-quality labels and printed packaging thanks to its precise, independent ink and impression units, advanced die-cutting options, and web tension control system.

Tom Cavalco, Executive Vice President Mark Andy, concludes: “We delivered these two presses to allow Reganta to realise their ambitious business plan and meet the changing needs and expectations of brand owners and consumers. Each press opens huge opportunities for the Company, and we are delighted that Reganta continues to choose Mark Andy technology as part of its strategic plan. I am convinced that the equipment’s capacity and potential will help Reganta achieve their goals very quickly.”