September 8, 2023 | Mark Andy Inc.

Shifting Gears with Mark Andy’s Digital Pro Max: Moving Beyond the Click System








In label and package printing, there has always been a constant need to adapt and evolve to stay competitive. The increasing demand for cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and superior quality has put pressure on printing businesses to innovate and find better solutions. Enter Mark Andy’s Digital Pro Max, a groundbreaking offering in the realm of digital printing that is providing a noteworthy solution – moving beyond the traditional click system.

The click system, while being a widely accepted payment method, means that clients are billed per each print or ‘click’ of the press. As a result, the more prints you need, the higher the cost. This can have a significant impact on your overall printing expenses, especially when it comes to large volume jobs. But Mark Andy’s Digital Pro Max has been engineered to address these concerns.

So, how exactly does the Digital Pro Max achieve this?

  1. Innovation in Efficiency

Digital Pro Max optimizes your production process. Its high-speed performance, delivering up to 130 feet per minute, reduces the time spent on each job. This enhancement in speed can drastically decrease your per-unit cost, giving you an edge over traditional click charge systems.

  1. Reduced Material Wastage

The Digital Pro Max offers superior waste-saving features. Its efficient design minimizes set-up waste, meaning fewer materials are thrown away, and more of your money stays in your pocket.

  1. Versatility

This system is designed to handle a wide variety of substrates, from thin films to heavy-duty stocks. This versatility not only widens your service offerings but also ensures that the cost of specialty materials does not escalate your expenses, as might be the case with the traditional click system. Not to mention Digital Pro MAX is configurable to add flexo and converting features as needed (available late 2023)

  1. Simplified Maintenance

The Digital Pro Max is engineered to be user-friendly, which extends to its maintenance as well. This easy-to-maintain design reduces your need for costly repairs and service calls, indirectly saving you money that the click system might not account for.

Transitioning to Mark Andy’s Digital Pro Max presents a considerable economic advantage. This game-changing machine does more than just produce high-quality product – it fundamentally alters your cost structure, moving away from the unpredictable click charges and towards a more controlled, efficient, and cost-effective model.

By making this transition, printing businesses can enjoy substantial savings, an increased competitive edge, and the ability to provide better service to their clients. Additionally, this shift helps to future-proof your business in the rapidly changing landscape of the print industry.

In conclusion, Mark Andy’s Digital Pro Max is more than just a printing press; it is a strategic investment that brings significant monetary advantages by moving away from the traditional click system. As we embrace this change, we are not only harnessing the power of advanced technology but are also ensuring the sustainability and profitability of printing businesses in the long run.

Remember, in the world of printing, it is not just about what you print but also how you print it. So why not choose a method that is efficient, effective, and economical? Make the switch to Mark Andy’s Digital Pro Max today and take your printing business to new heights.