March 11, 2021 | Lena Chmielewska

Sigolabels Invests in Evolution Series E5 to Expand Capacity

The polish converter notes the path-to-upgrade, high speeds and waste-reducing components among featured benefits

The investment in a new flexo press, planned by the management of Sigolabels printing house for some time, enabled the company to receive a bigger number of jobs for multicolor labels and making them in the shortest time possible. Among many tested solutions, Mark Andy Evolution Series E5 occurred to be the best suited to the company’s needs. According to managers of Sigolabels, a new press brought their company a bigger production safety and opened new opportunities for the printer’s future in general.

Polish-based label printer Sigolabels has had a presence in the printing industry for many years, with most of its business coming from customers outside of Poland. In a partnership with numerous brokers, the converter covers nearly all European markets, with primary focus on Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. “We had set these goals when starting the company and we’re trying to achieve them, while offering our customers the highest quality of products and service,” notes Marek Dokupil, Co-Owner and Partner, Sigolabels.

Dokupil goes on to elaborate that “due to a growing demand on multicolor labels, we had already invested in our first flexo press three years ago. Previously we outsourced these kinds of jobs. However, as the trend for multicolor labels is still rising and we are getting more and more orders for such jobs, we had to buy another press. This time we chose Evolution Series E5 from Mark Andy’s offer.”

Configuration Specifications

Sigolabel’s new Evolution Series E5 utilizes UV inks and prints on a 430 mm (17 inch) width web. The press is dedicated to end-users producing a wide variety of different types of labels. Marcin Godlewski, Co-Owner and Partner, Sigolabels, explains that “The diversity of customers we co-operate with is very big – adds. We serve print buyers from food, chemical, cosmetic and many other industries. There is an expectation of big flexibility from us, as well as quick delivery of finished products. Therefore, our new press needed to exceed all of our needs in terms of speed, quality, number of colors and a technical service offered by its vendor. The E5 model from Mark Andy, together with a complex post-sales service guaranteed by its Polish division, suits our needs perfectly.”

The print shop’s Mark Andy flexo press offers a speed up to 230 mpm (750 fpm), and being a scalable solution, allows for field upgrades as needed with the growing demands of its user. “So far, we’ve decided for a basic version of the press, as it suits our current needs. However, an opportunity to upgrade our E5 is a very interesting option. What we like a lot, is a section of water-based inks printing.

Moreover, the press offers much higher speed than the one we used up to date. It’s a huge advantage of Mark Andy’s solution. Another benefit is perfect color matching, allowing for reduction of waste and minimizing substrate waste in effect. Autoregister is also an interesting function. Our first press wasn’t equipped in it. Considering a very diverse production, which must be done in a short time, it seems to be a very useful option. What we really appreciate, is a lot of space around ink units section. Additionally, our operators underline a very intuitive handling of the press. Due to all these benefits, we were able to implement E5 very quickly. Now, it allows our employees for a very comfort work,” Godlewski adds.

Advantages of Evolution Series Platform

Rafal Koszelnik, Co-Owner and Partner at Sigolabels, points out servo technology as one of the main advantages of the Evolution Series platform. He explains, “This solution makes the press easy in terms of handling and maintenance. Servo drive for each printing unit, independent inking and impression, as well as advanced web tension control – all these factors decide about a high quality of the press. On the other hand, the E5’s high efficiency is possible due to fast make-ready of printing units and die-cutting stations. It reduces a total downtime of the press and allows us to exploit it maximally.”

Evolution Series E5 is suited for many different foil-based products, including bottle wrappers, IML labels and shrink sleeves, made on substrates of 12-305 microns of thickness. It allowed for positive changes in Sigolabels as the company handles orders up to 30% faster. “Now, we can receive much more jobs, while guaranteeing a short time of delivery. Mark Andy’s press brought us bigger safety”, Dokupil concludes.

Lukasz Chruslinski, Sales Manager, Mark Andy Poland, comments on the relationship with Sigolabel, saying “We are very pleased with the installation of the Evolution E5 press at another Polish label printing house, who is planning to builds their future and growth-oriented plans around our Mark Andy solution. Sigolabels is a fast-growing company, bravely entering new European markets. Another investment in a new press was a natural step for this printer.”

“Evolution Series E5, with its flexibility and upgrade options, was deemed to be the optimal solution, considering both the company’s present needs and its future plans. We are extremely glad that – besides technology benefits of the press itself – the managers of Sigolabels appreciated our complex offer, covering a local technical and service background. It is another example of a Polish company who perceives a local presence of Mark Andy as a very important factor when deciding about investment in our press,” Chruslinski concludes.