August 7, 2023 | Mark Andy Inc.

The NEW Pro Series flexo label press from Mark Andy – Modernizing Label Printing Operations

Since 1946, Mark Andy Inc. has been a pioneer and leader in the world of label and package printing equipment, supplies and services. This year the company has continued their tradition with the introduction of the Pro Series inline flexo label press line. This newest addition was developed and designed to modernize the traditional label business by offering an affordable path to servo automation and efficiency. Pro Series can drive more productivity and profitability for your label printing business, especially when updating from older mechanical machines.  

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Label Production 

Pro Series is a new class of fully servo-driven flexo presses especially designed for the traditional label printer that seeks flexibility, adaptability and forward-thinking as their business evolves. Embodying the award-winning attributes of the Performance and Evolution Series, Pro Series offers a platform that can expand from one or two flexo print stations up to eight. Plus, as your business changes and short-run demands increase, a Mark Andy Pro MAX toner-based engine can be integrated in line with the Pro Series. This is truly an affordable, optimized label production tool that can ensure operational excellence.  

 Key Features 

One of the standout features of Pro Series is the dramatic reduction in setup time and overall material waste. Businesses can anticipate setup times to be reduced by up to 50% and running waste by a whopping 40%. This level of productivity can transform a pressroom, moving the workload for two traditional mechanical presses to a single, optimized Pro Series. This can reduce the never-ending need for skilled operators and drive more profit.  

On top of increased productivity, Pro Series is also designed with a sustainable and modular concept that drives to lower machine operating costs. Along with the time and material savings, the new line’s single-station configurability, energy-efficient power pack and drying & curing systems aim to reduce overall running costs as well as provide a GREEN solution for those seeking sustainable operations.  


Flexibility, Intelligence & Ease of Use 

Pro Series is highly flexible and modular, allowing for upgradeable configurations. It supports both right to left and left to right web directions, allowing for the seamless addition of a toner-based digital engine, Mark Andy Pro MAX. 

Advanced sMArt link technology from Mark Andy is an intelligent, cloud-based job management system that monitor real-time press data and provide insights that will help managers optimize pressroom workflows from job to job and shift-to-shift, ensuring most efficient and effective print production. 

Furthermore, the Pro Series is operator-friendly, meaning that it is designed with key automation, repeatability, and ergonomics, all for user-friendliness in a world of labor shortages. This means less strain on your workforce and a more effective and efficient printing operation. 


Support and Service  

When you choose the Pro Series, you are not just investing in a machine; you are joining the Mark Andy community. With the largest global service team, Mark Andy offers world class technical assistance as well as premier service and support, application expertise, parts, and consumables as your Total Solutions Partner. 


Label Printing with You in Mind 

Whether you are printing traditional or prime labels, tags & tickets or durable industrial labels, Pro Series is the smart choice. Its wide-ranging capabilities and improved operational efficiency make it a solid investment for many label printing operations. 

Embrace the future of label printing today with Pro Series from Mark Andy. It is a true game-changer for the label industry. As the pioneers driving innovation and excellence, we invite you to connect with one of our representatives to explore how Pro Series can transform your label business.