June 4, 2020 | Lena Chmielewska

The Show Goes On: Annual Student Education & Training Goes Virtual

Mark Andy’s meetings with students in our Warsaw Demo Room have become a tradition. Due to a period of heightened concern over COVID-19 and social distancing, this year’s edition was held virtually. On 3 June, second year students of the Printing Technologies Department at the Institute of Mechanics and Printing Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, had the opportunity to take part in a webinar. During the meeting the Mark Andy technology portfolio and market activities were shared. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to highlighting two machines installed in Mark Andy Poland – Digital Series HD and Digital Pro 3. At the end, students had a Q&A opportunity with Lena Chmielewska-Bontron, European Marketing Manager and Lukasz Kaczynski, Demo Room Manager.

The webinar began with a brief presentation on the brands that build up Mark Andy Inc., which includes Rotoflex, Presstek and Kluge, employing over 500 people worldwide. Highlighted was the ever-growing base of flexographic and digital machines, which globally exceeded 8,500 Mark Andy devices. She then introduced the Mark Andy hardware portfolio for flexographic solutions, which consists of the Performance Series and the newly released – Evolution Series. The digital hybrid technology stack is formed from two main machines – Digital Series HD and Digital Pro. Digital Series HD is an extended gamut UV inkjet platform and Digital Pro utilizes CMYK dry-toner imaging technology. The comprehensive and partnership approach Mark Andy has taken with clients was stressed. “With the machine, we sell our know-how, technology and market knowledge. As a result, we are seen not only as a supplier of equipment, but as a partner and advisor, suggesting the best solution from the customer’s point of view. Our advantage is having different solutions in the portfolio: conventional flexo, digital and hybrid, incorporating both technologies”. Provided Chmielewska-Bontron.

It was also mentioned that the Mark Andy Europe Demo Centre in Warsaw (from where the webinar was run), is dedicated to clients from Europe, Asia, Africa even as far as converters in Australia. We conduct machine presentations, tests and trade meetings. Following the Mark Andy education, the live demonstrations of Digital Series HD and Digital Pro 3-were presented. The Demo Room Manager – Lukasz Kaczynski and Grzegorz Rostkowski (Printing Engineer) who led the show, talked about the individual elements of the equipment of each of the devices and the label production process carried out in them. Various examples of their suitable applications were also demonstrated.

The meeting ended with an interactive discussion session, during which students asked about various issues, including technical issues, concerning the presented machines. Lena Chmielewska-Bontron concludes “we are pleased with the high turnout of the first ever online meeting with students of the Warsaw University of Technology. We hope that this knowledge transfer during the webinar will be useful to them. Thus, we maintained the annual tradition of events dedicated to adepts of the Polish printing arts. At the same time, we hope that the next meeting will be held at our Demo Room in Warsaw, where we will be able to invite everyone interested in Mark Andy’s technology and our offer for the label and packaging market.”

About the Author

Lena Chmielewska-Bontron, Marketing Manager, Mark Andy Europe, is focused on finding solutions that provide success to label customers. With extensive flexo printing and plate making experience, she’s knowledgeable in the label, packaging, and corrugate markets and understands the ever-evolving demands.