The 2021 Mark Andy Christmas celebratory labels were designed to achieve the best effect of toner printing technology. A silver substrate in combination with the appropriate toner colors created a beautiful effect of gold, visible in the text.


Both labels on the packaging were printed in a single pass using the Digital Pro 3 technology at true 77 fpm (over 23 mpm). As the latest in Mark Andy Digital, the Digital Pro 3 is a small format, hybrid label press that marries the best of digital with flexo, all with inline converting. Digital Pro 3 is the ideal entry and mid-market hybrid press for label converters and commercial printers who want to extend their portfolio offerings.

As the most adaptable machine in its category, the Digital Pro 3 takes interchangeability to a new level. Unlike other digital presses, Digital Pro 3 has a wide range of materials and applications it can support.

More than that, the Digital Pro 3 capabilities enable you to extend your offer to current customers and to create a new avenue for profit by prospecting new customers with solutions other than labels, such as tags, wristbands, paperhangers, brochures, invitations, and more.

In 2022, use your creativity to explore all the possibilities Digital Pro 3 has to offer.