May 15, 2018 | Mark Andy Inc.

Continental Datalabel Installs 3 Mark Andy Performance Series

The label and tag manufacturer brings production consistency to multiple facilities.

Continental Datalabel has been in the label industry for over 5 decades. Maintaining 3 manufacturing facilities in Texas, California and Illinois, the company is an established leader in the label and tag market. Much of Continental Datalabel’s business includes label production for many different industries, mainly manufacturing & distribution, with an increasing amount of custom label work allowing them to provide over 10,000 different label constructions and designs across various market segments.

To support growing production volumes and unique customer brand identities, Continental Datalabel has installed three Mark Andy Performance Series P5 presses. The 17’’ P5 presses, each equipped with 8 flexo stations, are the first 8-color machines for the printer. The press configurations are identical at each plant, equipped with Mark Andy’s award-winning QCDC (Quick Change Die Cut) finishing technology, a cold foil unit, and smart blade system, designed to achieve higher print quality at faster speeds. The choice to add 3 of the same platform ensures consistent repeatability for customers regardless of where Continental Datalabel choses to print the jobs. True business optimization can now be achieved, enabling rapid turnaround for the converter’s customers.

 (from left to right) David Stormer, Clayton Stormer, Michael Schneider (Mark Andy Inc.), and Pat Flynn with the new P5 at the Texas facility. 

The company realized the need for additional operating capacity when press workloads started to increase and their overall customer base was growing. These factors coupled with customer demands for shorter leads times pushed the company’s R&D team on a hunt for a new production solution. Mark Andy’s Performance Series presses are designed with an overriding focus on increased productivity, ease of use, fast changeovers and waste reduction- everything Continental Datalabel was looking for. Speaking on what factors ultimately lead to the purchase of the P5s, Pat Flynn, President & COO, Continental Datalabel, states: “The Mark Andy P5 impressed my team during demos with quick setup time, minimal waste, the operator friendly design.”

(from left to right) Mike Roper, Luis Aguilar, & Freddy Guido at the California facility. 

The OEM’s long-standing reputation as a leader in narrow web flexo equipment was important to Continental Datalabel. Also valuable to Flynn was the post-sale support from Mark Andy.  Local training and development for production and sales teams received since install has furthered their knowledge and positions them well to leverage all the benefits of Performance Series technology to grow.

(from left to right) Jaime Camargo, Ross Mussano, Ruben Ramirez, Ron Kassal, & Ruben Alvarez with the new P5 press in Continental Datalabel’s Illinois facility. 

The addition of the new P5 presses will help support growing demand for intricate label designs and enable Continental Datalabel to expand their already impressive growth in the custom label sector. Continental Datalabel is in a unique (and favorable) position to cater to high-volume requirements of large corporations while still being able to support the needs of small businesses.

Flynn notes what customers can expect with the new presses, “Our distributor partners now have a single platform to support their jobs across the country. Customers will see the same high-quality results across all 3 locations.” The President & COO concludes “This ensures brand consistency, while leveraging quick delivery and reduced shipping expenses. Continental Datalabel is small enough to respond and big enough to deliver!”

To learn more about Continental Datalabel, visit their website here.