October 23, 2020 | Mark Andy Inc.

New Product Update: Doctor Blades for Mark Andy Presses

While providing press room consumables through Mark Andy Print Products was the final link in the chain to elevate Mark Andy as a Total Solutions Partner, we are always looking for new ways to better serve our customers. With the addition of Performance Blades, Mark Andy Print Products’ own doctor blades, we have done just that.


Mark Andy Performance Blades are manufactured from the highest quality Swedish steel, providing consistent ink metering and are finished to exact specifications for blade length, width, tip edge and thickness. Ideal for water-based ink and process work, a lamella tip is available in .008” while a dual step tip, ideal for UV flexo ink, is offered in .012”.

Doctor Flexo introduces Mark Andy’s newest addition to their consumables line up: Mark Andy Performance Blades

Doctor blades are certainly not one of the most expensive press room commodities, but they play an integral role in print performance. That is why our team decided to develop our own line of doctor blades made specifically to best optimize our own presses. Performance Blades are available for immediate purchase for Mark Andy Performance Series, Evolution Series, Digital One and 2200 presses.

Ready to learn more? Our team of Consumables Specialists at Mark Andy Print Products can help optimize your doctor blade selection. Request your free trial of Mark Andy Performance Blades today.