November 12, 2020 | Mark Andy Inc.

Pressroom Performance RX: Combatting Ink Spitting

If your labels are being affected by ink spitting, you likely have at least one of a handful of problems that need to be resolved. We recommend giving your press a good once over – is it properly cleaned? Has it been properly maintained? Have you removed any dried ink? Is everything aligned and installed correctly? If you responded yes to all of those – don’t fret; an affordable solution may still be your answer.

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One of the first and easiest troubleshooting motions to go through is trying a new doctor blade. The thin blades that are most often recommended may not be strong enough to combat ink spitting. When ink is left behind on the anilox roll, the excess ink essentially “spits” or sprays onto the web causing imperfect labels. The problem is that thicker blades are not always a reliable solution due to their inability to clear enough ink on the roll as well.

So what solution can be gained from changing doctor blades? A dual step tip is ideal for UV flexo ink because it has a thicker base that provides the stiffness needed in a doctor blade being used for higher viscosity UV ink, but a thinner tip generally required to ensure the cleanest wipe for the best print quality.

If you happen to find yourself troubleshooting ink spitting on a Mark Andy press, you’re in luck. Mark Andy Print Products now offers its own brand of doctor blades – Mark Andy Performance Blades. These blades were engineered by Mark Andy experts to best optimize print performance on our own portfolio of Mark Andy presses.

Interested in a free trial of Mark Andy Performance Blades? That’s where our Flexo Consumables Specialists at Mark Andy Print Products come in handy. Request your trial here, and one of our experts will work with you directly to help determine the best Performance Blade solution for your Mark Andy press.