March 23, 2017 | Mark Andy Inc.

Think You’re Ready For Craft Beer Labels?

One of the primary drivers of the purchase decision process is packaging, and beer is no exception. Craft beer enthusiasts regularly seek brews that appear elevated, unique and more adventurous than tried-and-true nationally branded beverages. (Don’t worry Budweiser, you’re still a favorite here at Mark Andy!)

The craft beer industry is booming, with over 10,000 small breweries worldwide. From grocery store shelves to taps at local pubs, specialty beer is becoming a global phenomenon ingrained in our culture and social lives.

Awareness of this growing craft movement is helping label converters and printers grow their business. This is especially relevant in the realm of digital hybrid printing. Small order size, complex imagery, and rotational nature of craft beer SKUs make the product labels perfect for digital production.

If your business is thinking about acquiring a digital press to enter new markets, look no further than Mark Andy Digital One. Our newest entry-level hybrid technology is ideal for the craft beer niche, providing small and mid-sized converters maximum profitability and rapid ROI on short run microbrew label work.

To see what these market trends coupled with an entry-level digital press and craft beer work can do for you and your business, check out the infographic below. Here we highlight “Wild Crew Brew”, one of our pressure sensitive label sample favorites, and the cost implications and profits gains associated with its production.


Digital One plus a small book of craft beer business can help you quickly return on your capital investment. It’s that simple. With its’ low-investment level, approachable makeup and intuitive workflow, Digital One enables traditional flexo converters to tackle uncharted markets with new printing technology.