May 3, 2019 | Mark Andy Inc.

Norsk Etikett System AS Upgrades to Modern Flexo Equipment

Norwegian Converter Announces Acquisition of Mark Andy P5E  

Founded in 1998 with the installation of two Mark Andy 2200 flexo presses, Norwegian converter Norsk Etikett has seen over 20 years of success while building a relationship with OEM Mark Andy, Inc.

Joakin Marcusson, Narrow Web Sales Manager, Convertec AB and Mark Andy’s agent in Norway discusses the decision to move forward with Mark Andy’s Performance Series E line by way of their purchase of a 17 inch, six color P5E:

“The choice to partner with Mark Andy again was a fairly easy one as the Mark Andy 2200 presses have been to their satisfaction and contributed a great deal to the continued growth in revenue and maintained profit, the new P Series press is expected to continue that route.”


During trials on a difficult application with a particularly challenging shape, Norsk Etikett was able to achieve speeds four times faster with their P5E over their legacy equipment courtesy of the Advanced Waste Wind Up. This was a true result of owner Frode Haaland’s vision to take the next step in both the growth of the company and the enhancement in press productivity and quality. The Performance Series platform provides converters the ability to increase their changeover time by 60% and decrease material waste by 50% over conventional flexo presses, increasing converter profitability through maximized press efficiencies.

Phil Baldwin, Sales Manager, Mark Andy Europe on the installation of Norsk’s newest asset:

“Following a very smooth installation the operators were running the press in only a few days thanks to the simplicity and operator friendly design of the Performance Series. Immediately there was a huge reduction in set-up waste and compared to the legacy presses production speeds were 2-3 times faster. Thanks to the Advanced Waste Wind Up some difficult jobs that were restricted in speed due to the shape are now running at speeds four times faster than was previously attainable.”

The Performance Series platform redefines workflow productivity through its simple design, efficient waste savings and fast changeovers. Click below to learn more about the world’s fastest-selling flexo press.